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Network Types: PPO, HMO & POS

Choosing between Network Types is an important consideration when choosing a health insurance policy. I am speaking about the alphabet soup you will hear about when discussing health insurance with an agent. In this article, the focus is on three terms: PPO, HMO and POS. All you really need to know about these terms is […]

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Prescription Costs: Cut ‘Em With 5 Websites

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Prescription costs are rising! Many people cannot afford their prescription costs each month. Some people will look to insurance companies to reduce prescriptions costs. Other people will apply for Medicaid to find prescription savings. Not everyone can afford the high premiums of health insurance. It can also be very difficult to enroll in Medicaid. If […]

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Buying Health Insurance Post Open Enrollment

It is April, and you have missed Open Enrollment. This means that if you are looking to buy health insurance, then you have to have a compelling reason. Everyday we receive calls from people looking to enroll in health coverage, and we cannot help most of these callers. We cannot help you buy health insurance […]

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Premium Tax Credit Reconciliations

In reconciling my premium tax credit, I lost $540 this year. I am not happy about it. These  tax reconciliations happen when a person undertstates his income and receives more tax credits than he is allowed. I miscalculated my income, and I had to reimburse the goverment for the tax credits I overused. As a single […]

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Tobacco Users & Health Insurance Premiums

Tobacco users will still have to pay higher health insurance premiums! The passing of the Affordable Care Act reduced many of the costs associated with health insurance. Tax Credits issued through the government allow for less expensive monthly health insurance premiums. In addition, insurance companies can no longer charge more for those with pre-existing conditions. […]

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TennCare, Pregnancy & Immigration

Last week, I learned about TennCare and immigration. A woman called American Exchange saying that  TennCare denied her coverage, but her husband and two kids received coverage through the state’s Medicaid entity. As I probed more and more, I found out that she recently emigrated from Asia to live with her husband—a United States citizen. […]

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Donald Trump: Health Insurance Across State Lines

On his website, Donald Trump offers a seven-point plan alternative to overhaul the Affordable Care Act. Along with his call to “completely repeal Obamacare,” the Donald calls for the modification of an “existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across state lines.” Mr. Trump believes that any health insurer should be able to […]

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