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‘Red States’ considering Medicaid expansion

“So-and-so state did not vote against Medicaid expansion because it has a Republican governor.” This is a base hypothesis explaining why some states refuse to expand Medicaid. It is easy to point a finger and make this assumption. This is an argument that makes sense to people who favor the expansion of Medicaid. But it […]

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Another ObamaCare lawsuit! Highmark sues feds for missed risk corridors payments

Highmark–a large health insurer–is suing the federal government over the risk corridors program. The Pennslyvania-based health insurer sold health plans on the federal and state exchanges since the inagural year of the Health Insurance Marketplace. Highmark joins a host of other health insurance companies who are looking to recuperate promised reimbursement payments from the Federal […]

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Grandfathered Health Plans

  You may remember the popular phrase used by Barack Obama, “if you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.” President Obama is speaking about health plans sold before March 2010—-the same month that Obamacare became the health law of the land. Health plans sold before March 2010 […]

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ObamaCare Alternative for the GOP

Now there is a GOP Obamacare alternative. Yesterday, Pete Sessions (R-Texas) and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) introduced an ObamaCare alternative bill called the HELP Act. The bill calls for a tax credit of at least $2,500 to every American. Citizens could use the tax credit to buy health insurance, but they are not required. Under […]

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Uninsured Rate Down to 9.1%-Obamacare Win!

Numbers don’t lie, and the 9.1 percent uninsured rate is code for VICTORY! That’s because this new number represents the most recent uninsured rate data from the CDC. For the first time ever, 9 in 10 Americans have health insurance. The new statistic stems from the successful passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. […]

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Get Health Insurance: 9 Compelling Reasons

If you get health insurance, you are protecting yourself. Accidents happen all the time, and no one is safe from catastrophe. No one likes to worry, so get health insurance! Health insurance has been shown to protect families against a health crisis. You know the drill. You pay a monthly premium, and the health insurance […]

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Medicare Part D

Medicare is a different animal than the health insurance you’ve come to understand. Most who are now eligible for Medicare have been paying into a health insurance plan which lumps most health services under a single coverage umbrella. The health insurance carrier does organize the services, but the member doesn’t care about the organization as […]

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Health Care Services: How Much Will They Cost?

When I am discussing a health insurance policy with a client, one of the most frequent questions that comes up is “How much will it cost if I go to the doctor?”. As high deductible health plans become more common, this question becomes more difficult to answer. Without a set copayment for the service, there […]

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Pharmaceutical Companies: The World’s Top 5

Forbes recently ranked the top global pharmacuetical companies. You’ve probably heard these names. You probably use your health insurance to buy many of these companies’ products. But can you pair the drugs with the correct pharmaceutical company? I never could. Here’s the top five pharma companies (and the drugs that make them famous): 1. Johnson & […]

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Humana to Stay in TN Obamacare Marketplace

Health insurance carrier participation in the Tennessee health exchange is sparse in 2017. Well-established carriers have come and gone, one Tennessee-based insurance co-operative no longer offers health plans, rate hikes are common year-to-year, and insurers have lost money in in the first two years. It is too early to see if any insurers will profit […]

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