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Vaccines: Your Best Shot?

You might not believe this, but it is estimated that 450 people worldwide die everyday from the measles.  Sounds unrealistic doesn’t it?  Vaccines were thought to have eradicated most preventable diseases we’ve known of since the 1800’s.  However, with a wave of “anti-vaxxers” and other controversial conversations surrounding the topic, many parents are questioning whether […]

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Fight the Flu with Something New

The Centers for Disease Control reported that in 2017  alone there were 80,000 flu-related deaths in the United States of America. For the last two decades, Americans have had the exact same options for influenza treatment. That reality is now changing, a new prescription tablet called Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil) will be available nationwide over the […]

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Health Care on the 2018 Ballot?

According to a Fox News poll published October 17, 2018, the issue voters are most concerned with in the midterm election is health care among likely voters. Closely followed by the economy and President Trump, health care is extremely important to 58% of likely Democrats and 34% of Republicans. 53% among registered voters disapprove of […]

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The War on Drug . . . Prices

In the United States, we pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere else world wide. Some medications that are sold for several dollars per dosage internationally are sold for hundreds of dollars per dosage here in the States. President Trump has repeatedly mentioned the problem and in May his administration released his a blueprint for […]

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, or Medigap plans, are purchased in addition to Original Medicare to help cover the cost after Medicare has paid .  Without a supplement plan in place, you are responsible for the Part A Hospital deductible and daily copays as well as the Part B yearly deductible in addition to the 20% […]

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Short Term Health Insurance Plans: Short Term Solution or Long Term Disaster?

On Wednesday, August 1st, the Trump Administration issued new rule allowing consumers to retain short term health insurance plans for as long as three years. The announcement was touted as a solution for Americans who do not have viable options in the health insurance marketplace. While short term plans were an initial part of the […]

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In preparation for open enrollment, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced they will be performing scheduled site maintenance on on the first 5 Sundays of open enrollment from 12am to 12pm, a continuation of last year’s procedure. December 9th, the last Sunday of open enrollment, was not included in the maintenance […]

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Lower Premiums in 2019 Marketplace

BREAKING: We are announcing today that, for the very first time under the ACA, the premium for a typical federal exchange plan will actually drop. Insurers have proposed to cut premiums for these benchmark plans by 2% nationally. — Secretary Alex Azar (@SecAzar) September 27, 2018      On September 27, 2018, Secretary of Health […]

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