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New Medicare App

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) know that navigating Medicare coverage can be frustrating. A lot of beneficiaries need to call someone to find out if a suggested procedure or treatment is covered prior to having it performed. CMS has put a focus on getting a tool into the hands of Medicare beneficiaries […]

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Could High Premiums Mean Possible Rebates?

High premiums in 2018 could mean rebates for consumers from some carriers as required by law. A recent Star Tribune article says:“When carriers set premiums in the individual market that are too high, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires them to pay rebates that effectively cap the amount of money that health plans can keep […]

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Preventive Services Covered by Medicare

As a Medicare beneficiary, you are entitled to these services at no cost: Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening Alcohol misuse screenings & counseling Bone mass measurements (bone density) Cardiovascular disease screenings Cardiovascular disease (behavioral therapy) Cervical & vaginal cancer screening Colorectal cancer screenings Multi-target stool DNA tests Screening barium enemas Screening colonoscopies […]

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Medicare Star Rating System

Transitioning to Medicare once you are eligible can be a daunting task. There are a lot of differences between how Medicare works compared to traditional insurance that you may have had in the past. There are usually a lot more Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, Medicare Prescription Drug (PDP) plans, and/or Medicare Cost plans to consider […]

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Ambetter My Health Pays Rewards Program

  Did you know that Ambetter will pay you for being proactive with your health? As an Ambetter member, you can earn money by doing simple, easy things that contribute to and promote a healthy lifestyle.Then, that money can be used to lower your monthly premium payment, make doctor copays, or use towards deductibles and […]

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New Marketplace Policy: Plan Changes

  Beginning in February 2019, the Health Insurance Marketplace started implementing a new policy when it comes to plan selections for clients with qualifying events that trigger a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). The new policy limits the circumstances that allow you to switch to a different plan category after qualifying for a SEP. For instance, […]

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Blue365 Discount Program

  Do you know that if you are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, you have extra benefits available to you just for being a member? Membership entitles you to receive discounts for programs, products, and outings that promote healthy living. The Blue365 program is free to every BCBS member. It offers discounts on things […]

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Tax Credits

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals that did not previously have access to employer coverage and could not afford individual insurance premiums on their own, can now shop for plans on the Individual Health Insurance Marketplace. While submitting an application, they also answer questions to see if they are eligible for […]

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Medicare Coverage Gap

Whether you have a Part D Prescription Drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan, you have surely heard of the coverage gap or donut hole.  If you are very lucky, it hasn’t affected you much, but for a lot of Medicare enrollees, the coverage gap can be very scary.  Their prescription costs significantly increase which can […]

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