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Medical Billing Services

Customized Third Party Billing Services By Experts

Why Outsource

1. We have software flexible experience with multiple practice management systems and able to work within your current system. If you would like to make a change, we can recommend software platforms to fit your specific needs.

2. HIPAA Compliance Experts

3. Have more time to focus on patients

4. Reduced billing errors by allowing experts to handle your claims = increase / Faster revenue

5. Reduced overhead and administration fees

6. Steady cash flow, continuous flows of claims being filled

What We Do

Insurance Verification
Chart Auditing
Charge Posting
Claims Submission
Payment Posting
A/R Management Reporting
Analysis & Improvement

Insurance Verification

Insurance eligibility is verified for every Patient, every visit. We will let you know when the policy started and how much is due at the time of service.


Each visit is reviewed by one of our certified AAPC coder to ensure proper selection of diagnosis and procedure codes and that every billable service is captured.


Once audited, charges are posted and submitted daily with our primary goal being a fast turn around on your practice’s revenue.


Payor EDI reports are worked daily and discrepancies are researched and corrected immediately.


Insurance and Patients payments are posted as they are received. We will process and mail Patient statements at your desired interval. Fee schedules are closely monitored to ensure proper payment amounts.

A/R Management Reporting

Claims are constantly monitored, detailed notes are kept and reports are available on a scheduled or requested basis.

Analysis & Improvement

As problems are identified and policies change our billing experts will provide online and/or on-site training to keep staff members informed.

Payor Contract Negotiations

Monthly and quarterly, your Senior Billing Manager will visit your practices to review the month-end results, payor issues, collections, refunds, payor contracts, credentialing needs, etc. We do not outsource our services overseas.

Industries Served

Public Health Departments
Private Practices
Urgent Care
Mid-Level Practitioners
Behavioral Health
Ambulance/EMS Billing

Pricing & Contact

Contact us for pricing at