Enrollment Specialist

    American Exchange is hiring agent/brokers for the 2017 Annual Open Enrollment Period. For hired applicants, a month of training will begin in October before open enrollment begins on November 1st. American Exchange provides over the phone enrollment services for on and off marketplace Qualified Health Insurance Plans, Medicare and Medicaid.

    The full-time position is guaranteed during the Annual Open Enrollment Period and there is an opportunity for permanent full-time position. Employees who possess desirable skills that are useful for post open enrollment operations may be offered a continuing full-time position. Those skills include, but are not limited to, web-based content production, account management and business development.

    Chattanooga, TN   –   October 16th, 2017 to beyond

    Job Summary

    Assist callers with health insurance enrollments. Help individuals and families through the Individual Health, Dental and Vision enrollment process from start to finish. Ensure that each customer finds a health insurance product that fits their needs and follows applicable governing insurance laws. You will not be responsible for creating new business.

    Pay: $15 – $21 per hour

    Key Accountabilities

    • Educate clients on their insurance options on the individual market, including, but not limited to, plan cost-sharing elements, identify network and non-network providers, and provide information on premium payment methods.
    • Provide subjective and objective advice on insurance plan designs that will fit the needs of an Individual or Family.
    • Accurately enroll individuals in insurance products complying with any governing insurance laws.
    • Maintain accurate client information in the American Exchange Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by adding detailed notes of all client interactions.
    • Assist callers with services issues such as life changing events, billing and claim service.
    • Maintaining a professional attitude and language when interacting with clients, partners and insurance carriers.
    • Communicate necessary information to partners according to processes developed specifically for different partnerships.
    • Provide prudent advice on when and where to receive appropriate medical services.

    Performance Standards

    • Accurately complete enrollments
    • Perform efficiently and manage multiple work in progress tasks at once
    • Ability to quickly adapt to changes in organizational goals and individual responsibilities

    Job Requirements

    • Hold or Obtain active Health and Life Insurance Producer Licenses by November, 1st 2017*
    • Proficient with internet use and web-based applications
    • Exhibit professional interpersonal communication skills
    • 2016 -2017 Agent/Broker FFM Certification (will be earned on the job)

    *American Exchange will reimburse applicants for their out-of-pocket expenses with health insurance licensing.