Research Collaborator - American Exchange

Research Collaborator — Healthcare

Entry-Level Research And Data-Mining Junkie!

Do you love online researching? Do you bury yourself, head down, into the internet, looking for that keyword or phrase that says “Opportunity”?!? AND do you have experience in health care insurance or administration?

American Exchange works with government and non-profit agencies in finding health care for various groups of people. Most of these agencies have RFPs (Requests For Proposals). We’ll give you the specialized RFP-search tools to do online research to help you find the opportunities. Then you’ll go do typical online research for even more opportunities …  and make us aware of them.

This is a great internship possibility, OR someone looking for an entry-level position. You need to be well organized, expert in research, AND able to write reports and keep spreadsheets or CRM files. IF you have an insurance background, OR if you want to become licensed to help customers online or on the telephone, even better (because when we get busy, even our COO answers the phones!) Sound like a good fit? Let us know why we should bring you on-board!

Salary based on experience.

If interested, please email your resume to or