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COVID-19: Doing Our Part

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

By: Rachel Cullor

March 17th, 2020

2020 has started out much differently than 2019. With the detection of the COVID-19 virus and efforts to slow the spread, a lot of measures have been taken that disrupt our normal routine.

The first US case of COVID-19 appeared in Washington on January 21st. Almost two months later, the US now has over 4500 confirmed cases, and probably a lot more cases that are unconfirmed due to the shortage of tests available.

There isn’t a cure, nor a vaccine available at this time. So, all we can do is to try to slow the spread of the virus down so our healthcare system is not overwhelmed with sick patients and our medical supplies are not wiped out faster than they can be produced.

A lot of us, like my colleagues at American Exchange and me, are working remotely from home, having imposed a necessary 14 day or more self-quarantine to do our part in slowing the virus down. A lot of us have children at home after schools made the decision to close for a few weeks, doing their part as well. Some fast food restaurants are closing their dining rooms, only offering drive thru for the foreseeable future. Events and gatherings are being cancelled so that large groups of people are not being potentially exposed.

Most of us, if we contract COVID-19, will recover. But these measures are not in place for those people…they are in place for our neighbors and members of our community that have a significantly higher chance of not recovering.

As scary and uncertain as this new routine is, it is also uplifting and inspirational to see communities and businesses working together to take care of each other. Though the virus is still spreading, the measures seem to be working so far, with the rate of spread in the US nowhere near the rate of spread in China and Italy upon their initial outbreak. With more testing to become available in the future, this new routine could be extended. We will continue to do our part and support our community.