Over Eleven Million People Make Health Plan Selections for 2016

Over Eleven Million People Make Health Plan Selections for 2016

A recent report from Health and Human Services (HHS) released earlier this month is saying that eleven million people have selected a health insurance plan through the marketplaces set up by the Affordable Care Act.

This report states that 8.5 million people signed up for a health plan through the portal. Another 2.7 million people signed up for health coverage through the state marketplaces.

People in thirty-four states across the country purchased health insurance coverage through the portal accounting for 76% of total plan selections. The portal is the primary health insurance exchange in thirty four states including Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

Sixteen states use a state-run health exchange instead of using the portal as the main health insurance exchange. Some of the states that have their own exchange are California, New York, and Kentucky. Those 2.7 million people making plan selections in these states represent 24% of total plan selections.

This most recent number beats Health and Human Services’ October projection. Sylvia Mathew Burrell—the Secretary of HHS—projected that 10 million people would enroll in health insurance coverage in 2016.

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