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Providing Insurance for your employees can be complicated.

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Health Insurance

It will always be​ an important employee benefit. We work with you and your employees to determine a plan that fits your budget and the needs of your employees. Each Employer is different, and at American Exchange we work to present the best plans for your employees.


We customize a benefit package that can include a combination of medical, dental, and vision options for your employees. We help determine which plans will fit your employees needs, while keeping any expenses you would incur as low as possible.

American Exchange

Our agents are licensed and certified to be able to advise you and your employees on what plan may work best for your situation. We believe education is important, and we make sure that your employees understand their options so they can make an informed decision about their plan.

Additional Products

We are proud to offer employers options that would allow them to contribute to employees medical expenses. We can help set up these accounts, and educate employees on how these accounts work in their favor.

Don’t Sleep On Your Renewal

Individual Market

Group Market

The first option is a relatively simple approach – Offer a compliant pre tax individual health insurance reimbursement through a section 105 medical reimbursement plan. Do not be involved with the renewal of your health plan anymore and let your employees go to the individual market. On the individual market your employees will be able to take advantage of advanced premium tax credits and have the freedom of choosing between multiple carriers. The employee’s medical reimbursement is only honored if the individual is enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan and shows proof of insurance. The reimbursement arrangement guarantees that the employer’s money is being used to maximize the benefit towards medical insurance.

If you want to control your employees health insurance decisions, a group health plan is the best route for you to take.

We individualize the customer support, so when it comes to the education of your employees they can reach out to our customer support specialists at any time. Individualizing a group health plan is our approach as every one of your employees can get the answers they need at any time by reaching out to our customer support staff.

One of the strains of group health plans, is the annual cost and contribution requirements that are generally set for employers to pay a minimum percentage.


●  Hands-off Approach

●  Employees go to the Health Insurance Marketplace and choose qualified health plans tailored to fit their health needs

●  Employer offers health insurance reimbursement through a Section 105 Reimbursement plan (HRA)

●  A customer support specialist from American Exchange will walks employees through all the steps in choosing the best health plan.


●  Hands-on approach

●  Employer chooses one or two health plans to offer employees

●  Customer support specialists from American Exchange handle all insurance concerns so the employer does not have to worry.


●  Have the freedom to choose between several health plans better suited to meet their health needs

●  Enjoy the privilege of using tax credits to cut overall health insurance costs.


●  Still have the freedom to choose between a couple of health plan options.

●  Pay less in insurance costs because the employer contributes to monthly premiums.

●  May call a customer support specialist from American Exchange to assist in the claims process.

We Do All The Work:


Cost Benefit Analysis

By gathering voluntary basic information about your employees, we can prepare quotes for the different plan options on the group side, as well as determine if you and your employees would better benefit from shopping on the individual market.


Strategy Implementation

Implement full communications efforts to employees to verify coverage and guarantee zero lapses in coverage during the transition. We will sit down face to face with each of your employee to confirm health insurance benefits.


Fully Managed

Employees have full access to our call center and account managers who service the group benefit offering, year round. Our customer support representatives have access to all of the health benefit information, to make life easier on you and your employees. We are the head advocate for each employee when it comes to servicing your policy with the health insurance carrier.



We sit down with each of your employees and help them customize the BEST health plan, AT NO COST, for their unique life situation. Since each employee gets personalized service, they benefit from more options and are assured of finding the best possible match for their needs.

We are passionate about giving employers like you the freedom and flexibility to offer your employees many healthcare options without the administrative burden.




Tired of Paying Too Much for Group Health Insurance?

Currently rates are continuously going lower in the individual market, while group rates continue to increase.

We offer a solution that provides compliant coverage and real value to ALL employees.
We address a multitude of employee circumstances to be truly useful for everyone.

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