Expatriate Health Insurance

Expatriate Health Insurance

Life is a great adventure and moving abroad only complements the journey. Maybe you’re satisfying the yearning to live abroad and do mission work. You might be a petroleum engineer looking for a new career adventure in the oil fields of the Middle East.  Keep your health intact in this endeavor. Buy Expatriate Health Insurance!

We hand-picked Cigna Global to be our partner in helping you maintain your good health abroad. We have done our homework, and we feel that this company is the best at putting their customers first.

Expatriate Health Insurance: What’s In It For You?

First, Cigna agents speak the languages you might not. Routine conversations–such as ordering and paying for food–become immensely difficult in another language. Imagine how hard communicating serious health matters might be! Cigna can help you with this.

Second, Cigna has a large presence as far as Expatriate health insurance goes. Cigna is the largest International Medical insurance company in the world. Buying into this expatriate health insurance network is buying into a network of over one million providers. If you choose to see a provider out-of-network, Cigna will cover the cost.

Third, the annual maximum benefits are generous. Cigna’s coverage maximums begin at $1M reaching into unlimited coverage costs depending on the plan you choose. If you choose a silver plan, Cigna will pay up to $1M; if you purchase a platinum plan, Cigna will cover an unlimited amount of costs.

Buying Expatriate Health Insurance from Cigna Is Worthwhile

You do need health insurance, for we are all under the jurisdiction of Murphy’s Law. To paraphrase: anything that can happen, will happen.

Your health is no exception.

When you move out of the United States for an extended period of time, it becomes harder to protect yourself against Murphy’s law. You might not speak the language, hospitals and clinics might be fewer and farther between, and transportation between facilities may be futile.

Cigna has employees in 35 countries who can help you get the care you need–and fast! They speak the languages you may not, they know all the best doctors, and they can even help you find international schools for your children!

Let Cigna help you maintain your health behind-the-scenes. Focus on your adventure!

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Philip Strang is a health insurance agent with American Exchange. When he is not enrolling families into health plans, he likes to write about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.