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We at American Exchange help people realize the value of health insurance and find coverage. Our goal is to educate your patients/clients on their coverage options and help them complete the enrollment process. We can advise them on their best coverage options. This can include enrolling your clients into ACA plans — both on- and off-Marketplace — as well as Medicare Part D Prescription plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Supplement plans.

Peace of Mind for Patients AND Your Organization


American Exchange will implement a 5-step process to assure all your patients have access to the health coverage they need. This provides peace of mind to the patients, while helping insure that your organization doesn’t acquire unneeded financial burden.


  1. Engage: We work with you to develop an outreach strategy to your targeted patient base. We provide guidance on how to contact American Exchange regarding their free healthcare evaluation.
  1. Educate: American Exchange provides one-on-one comprehensive evaluations to discover the patients’ specific needs and determine their healthcare coverage options.
  1. Advise: Skilled, professional licensed agents will review your patients’ unique situations and help them determine the best available coverage.
  1. Enroll: American Exchange’s licensed agents can enroll your patients into the coverage they choose or direct them to the appropriate resource to complete enrollment (Medicaid, CharityCare, etc.)
  1. Ongoing Support: We explain the importance of annually reviewing their coverage options with our licensed agents. We provide support to assist with Marketplace documentation requests, data-matching issues, and general carrier-specific issues.


American Exchange is a leader in partnering with Ryan White ADAP/Part A organizations. We can provide year-long, complete program administration, including:

Enrollment Services, Claim Administration, Premium Payments

Software Integration

Client Outreach, Education, Training Support

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