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Medicare Part B: What it Costs and Covers…

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers doctors’ visits and medical equipment

Congratulations! You’ve turned 65!

You’ve watched as your health insurance costs have soared for the past 40 years*. Now the United States government is extending you a price break in your health insurance costs. You’re eligible for Medicare.

Finally, you have been paying into the health care system for over 40 quarters. Now you get to reap the benefits!

Medicare is a complicated health insurance system, and it’s best to understand Medicare’s health coverage in steps.

So what part of Medicare covers doctors’ visits?

The answer is Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part B covers doctor visits. If you are sick or injured, and you need to see your doctor, then you would pay for the visit using your Medicare Part B coverage.

I am not only talking about Primary Care doctors. An enrollee of Medicare can use Medicare to see a surgeon, a dermatologist, or an oncologists. In the insurance world, we call these doctors “specialists.”

Doctors’ visits are a part of the two health care services Medicare covers. Doctors’ visits fall under the medically necessary services category of Medicare Part B. Doctors are an integral part of the healing process; thus, Part B covers their services.

If the doctor prescribes medical supplies, guess what part of Medicare covers the supplies?? You guessed it…

Medicare Part B covers medical supplies

And the list of covered medical supplies is very, very long…

A quick summary of covered medical supplies is in order.

Common mobility equipment–such as walkers and crutches–are covered under medicare Part B. Blood sugar monitors and blood sugar test strips are also covered under Part B.

All of the previous types of medical equipment falls under the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) category. It’s a long list, but that can be good for you! There are more chances for medicare Part B to cover the medical supplies you need.

The medical devices are covered, but they will still cost you…

How much does medical equipment cost under Medicare Part B?

Medicare enrollees must first determine if their supplier accepts assignment.

Assignment simply means that your medical equipment supplier is contracted with Medicare. Medicare simply agrees to pay your medical equipment supplier directly.

If your supplier has a contract with Medicare, then you will pay 20 percent of the cost of medical equipment.

What are the other costs of Medicare Part B?

Medicare recipients must pay a monthly premium to keep their Part B coverage. The monthly premium for a household making $85,000 or less is $121.80 Premiums go up from here depending on household income.

Click here for the exact premium prices corresponding to your income bracket.

Medicare enrollees also have to pay a deductible amounting to $166 per year. After the initial $166 in medical expenses, Medicare recipients pay a generic coinsurance amount of 20 percent of the costs of approved services.

Do you need any more information?

Of course, our agents are willing and able to help. Medicare is confusing, and we would like to make the enrollment process easier for you! Give us a call at 1-888-995-1674**.

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*Medicare coverage extends to Americans with disabilities above and below the age of 65. For more eligibility information concerning Medicare disability coverage, click here.

**See disclaimer below.