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We are dedicated to providing you with help to understand Medicare and your Insurance Options with the focus on your idividualized needs

American Exchange is dedicated to helping you understand Medicare and choosing a plan that fits your needs. We will provide a free, no obligation, consultation over the phone and educate you on the different types of Medicare Health plan options that are available to you. If you are aging into Medicare (Turning 65) and are not collecting social security benefits the first step is to sign up for part A and B. You can do this by visiting your local social security office. Click here to search the nearest social security office by zip code. Part A and Part B is offered to you by the federal government. For an idea of what is covered by the federal government, we have created a chart for you to understand your costs.

2019 Medicare Premiums, Deductibles, and Cost-Sharing Amounts

Now that you have an understanding of what is covered by Part A and B, we are going to give you an overview of the options that are available to cover all additional costs. There are really only 2 different types of additional coverage that help you receive your Medicare Benefits. You can receive your benefits through Original Medicare with options for additional insurance(i.e. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans) or you can enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans.


You can receive your Medicare benefits in two different ways. First, you can receive them through Original Medicare Parts A & B with options for additional coverage such as Medicare Supplement. Secondly, you can recieve your benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan that combines your benefits and covers as much as Part A & B or better.

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