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PeachCare for Kids

Looking for low-cost health coverage for children in Georgia? Look no further than PeachCare. This program gives children in Georgia access to great, comprehensive health care benefits such as hospitilization, prescriptions and doctor visits. Some services are completely free; others cost very little. But first, a family must qualify for coverage from PeachCare.

Who Qualifies for PeachCare?

All applicants must be  citizens or legal residents of the United States to enroll in the program.

Children must be 18 and under to enroll in this health plan. Children will be covered until their 19th birthday.

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See if your kids qualify for PeachCare!

There is a two-month waiting rule before a child can qualify for PeachCare. This means that a child must be uninsured two months prior to applying for this health plan. Of course, some circumstances allow families to apply for coverage sooner than two months.

Most importantly, families must make a certain income to enroll. According to the health insurer’s fact sheeta family of four must earn $59,904 yearly to qualify for child coverage. The organization’s website shows that a family of three must make $49, 800 to qualify for child coverage. 

What are the PeachCare Benefits?

Expect your children to have access to many great benefits under a PeachCare plan.

Doctor visits are covered. Your children will have access to Primary Care doctors as well as specialists. Children can seek care from a Community Health Center in Georgia, and you can search for a Community Health Center in your county hereor you can consult this directory. If you don’t see a Community Health Center in your county, don’t worry. I typed in my Georgia zip code and found that 450 primary care providers accepted the plan with this tool. Information regarding other providers (dentists, specialists) is included under the former website.

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PeachCare features exceptional benefits for your children!

Prescriptions are covered under this health planThis list is 50 pages long, so there is a good chance you’ll find your child’s prescription on the list. You’ll pay a inexpensive copay to fill these prescriptions. You’ll have access to large retail pharmacies to fill your prescriptions such as Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS. 

Hospital Stays and Emergency Services are covered. I searched in my area, and I found 19 pages of hospitals accepting the health plan. Chances are that you’ll find a hospital accepting PeachCare. It is important to note that Emergency Services are covered FREE of charge under the plan. 

These are just a few of the services covered. For more information on benefits, click here.

What are my costs in using PeachCare?

This depends on the service.

I mentioned that Emergency Services are FREE of charge. Other free services included under the health plan include Preventative Care, Immunizations, and dental services.

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Teenagers still qualify for PeachCare coverage!

Of course, these free services are available for members who pay their monthly premium. There is no set premium because different families pay different premiums due to family size. Just know that the premium price ranges from $0-$72. Pay your premiums to keep your coverage.

PeachCare plans don’t have a deductible. Many health insurance plans will feature a deductible–this is the out-of-pocket amount one must pay to receive health services at discounted costs. If you pay your premium, you have access to low-cost or free health services instantly.

Finally, PeachCare offers low-cost copays. Of course, if your child is under 6, you won’t pay for ANY SERVICES. if your child is over 6, and he goes to see a doctor, it will cost no more than $3. The maximum copay is $12.50. For more information, consult this list.

How do I sign up for PeachCare?

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Find out how to apply for PeachCare today!

The easiest way to sign up for PeachCare is through the PeachCare website. There are several links to begin this process. If you meet the eligibility requirements, then you may apply.

Once you apply, you are required to send in documentation within 14 days of completing the application. The easiest way to do this would be to upload the documents to the PeachCare website.

The agency is looking for three types of documents: Earned Income Documents, Unearned Income Documents, and Income Deductions. 

Paystubs are perfect examples of Earned Income Documents. It doesn’t matter if you’re paid monthly, weekly or semi-monthly. Submit your paystub to PeachCare.

Unemployment checks, alimony payments, and student loans are all examples of Unearned income Documents. Moving expenses, educator expenses, and tuition are all examples of Income Deductions. 

PeachCare takes up to 45 days to process an application.


Philip Strang is the resident copywriter for American Exchange. He splits his time between enrolling persons in qualified health plans and writing on topics pertaining to the Health Insurance Marketplace.